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Ever woken up from a dream that you wanted to share? With the help of Endel, you can now turn your dreams into sharable works of art. Describe your dream to our Dream Generator and the AI will create a unique artwork. We’ll select one artwork as the cover for our next album.

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Dream Series

Five artists turned their dreams into Sleep Albums, scientifically developed to help you sleep and dream deeply. We used the Dream Generator to create the album covers. Listen to the albums below and get inspired to create your own dream artworks.

Our Dream Generator uses publicly available AI tools, including a combination of VQGAN and OpenAI's CLIP methods.

anaiis - dream series

Combining field recordings from Jamaica, textured vocal layers, wind chimes, harps, and nature sounds, yaaya’s whisper is designed to guide listeners to inner stillness.

anna - dream series

The Spring Of Dreams offers sounds for transitioning into deep sleep, with solfeggio frequencies and the intention of healing and connection.

facesoul - dream series

A vocal-led meditation on the regenerative and creative purpose of dreams, Soul Slumber reworks FACESOUL’s voice into an instrument for healing.

monte booker - dream series

Reflection is a selection of bedtime beats, helping the listener gently nod off to a background of light percussion and soothing melody.

Dmitry Evgrafov - dream series

Cloud Structure is a piano-led sleep album that explores movement and repetition in dreams.

Endel × James Blake

Slip into restful sleep with sounds to support your bedtime routine from the Grammy Award-winning artist.

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Wind Down Key Art